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Value Added Services

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Plating is used in a variety of applications such as solderability and corrosion resistance. Common plating materials include gold, palladium, nickel, and tin. Metal coils can be preplated to avoid any secondary processing. Precious metals can be plated onto a strip and finished part reels can be control-dipped to reduce the cost of plating. Precious metals can be bonded onto a strip as an inlay or cladding.

Heat Treating

Heat treating is another value added service that Coil Stamping provides. Heat-treating either makes a part harder or softer depending on the customer's applications. Stacking fixtures are sometimes provided to insure the integrity of the metal stamp part. Coil Stamping provides all necessary heat charts and certifications.


Although we meet most production requirements directly from the metal stamping die, to assure that parts are free of sharp corners, we provide both chemical and abrasive deburring.


Our degreasing process removes both organic and inorganic contaminants from treated pieces providing finished goods of impeccable quality. We are able to treat both metal and on-metal surfaces including those with complex shapes, blind holes, or hard-to-access cavities.

Insert Molding

CSI produces various parts that are integrated with an insert molding process. We work closely with our insert molding suppliers to allow our customers to receive a high quality finished part.

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