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Micro Miniature Metal Stampings

Beryllium Copper, Brass & Phosphor Bronze are a few materials used in our precision metal stampings featured in electrical pins, copper tubular housings and battery & spring electrical contacts.

Progressive Die Metal Stampings are available as microminiature and intricate miniature stamped components.

High Volume - Long Run Specialties:

  • Automotive Terminals
  • Brush Contacts
  • Electrical Contacts
  • Electrical Pins
  • Interconnect Stampings
  • Quick Disconect Terminals
  • Semiconductor Leadframes
  • Wiper Contacts
  • Welding Contacts

6A Stampings Metal Base
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Industries Include:

  • Aerospace Stampings
  • Air Bag Stampings
  • Appliance Stampings
  • Automotive Stampings
  • Connector, Electronic Stampings
  • Electrical Stampings
  • Electronic Stampings
  • Electronic, Miniature Stampings
  • Hardware Stampings
  • Medical Stampings
  • Microelectronic Stampings
  • Microminiature Stampings
  • Military Specification Stampings
  • Telecommunications Stampings
  • Electronic Standoffs
  • Battery Terminals
  • Electric, Solderless Terminals
  • Semiconductor
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