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In-House Engineering and Tool & Die Stamping

CSI Precision Stampings has a "state of the art" tool room utilizing high-speed steel and carbide. We design and build the highest quality, Class "A" progressive dies. Utilizing our precision grinding and wire EDM techniques, Coil Stamping, Inc. builds your die to last a lifetime.

We construct precision dies in a manner allowing maximum flexibility such that a die can be reconfigured and a part modified quickly and cost effectively. Our construction approach also keeps costs low. For example, single dies are capable of producing several parts at a time, lower production costs and reducing part delivery times. In addition, our adaptable die design approach allows many dies to be reused and reconfigured for production of different parts. This saves production time and costs.

Our tool and die making is supported using CAD/CAM- creating complex die shapes with total precision. Our tool building uses CNC traveling wire EDM machines- accurate to within .00005.

Brown & Sharpe Micromaster used to achieve zero tolerance grinding
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Dies are built using maximum performance materials such as D-2, CPM 10V, and Carbide. Our dies are created with precision forming and metal cutting stations that will minimize tool investment and allow the flexibility to produce more than one version of a similar part from one tool. They are also electronically protected with in-die sensing, improving efficiencies in producing parts while protecting tooling investments.

In cutting and metal forming, stations are inserted to lessen die maintenance requirements and accommodate future die modifications if part changes are required.

Typical lead-time on an average progressive die is 6-8 weeks. If you need faster service, depending on requirements, in some cases we can produce your die in less than a week.

All tooling is stored and maintained on site free of charge for the life of the product.

Design Services

We provide comprehensive design services. Our design team prides itself in meticulous engineering and innovative design by applying known technologies to new problems. With well structured design, the metal stamping process is cost competitive, even for low production quantities, compared to other processes such as chemical etching, screw machining and die casting, laser cutting. Complex shapes and intricate products can be produced because of the precision production available using a metal stamp die. Metal stamping allows for parts to be assembled in die using a variety of methods. Products can be extruded, coined, twisted, drawn, formed, and cut.

Our designers will closely work with product designers and engineers to design a cost effective and production efficient solution. Our design service is just one of the "one stop shop" capabilities we provide to fully meet the needs of our customers.

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In House Engineering and Tool & Die Stamping Department

Precision Metal Stampings

C.S.I specializes in very intricate, thin gauge metal stamped parts. Utilizing our high speed presses, C.S.I. offers reel to reel production or parts cut to a specified length, suitable for both manual and automated production.

Bruderer-in house engineering
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In house Engineering ready to assist with development, design, and improvements, many times resulting in lower production costs and faster delivery.

High speed press capabilities enable C.S.I. to be cost effective
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C.S.I. uses unique tool designs

Utilizing high speed steels and/or carbide, C.S.I. constructs the most efficient, sectionalized progressive dies. This provides the economic answer for high volume requirements, and rigid delivery schedules.

Brown & Sharpe Micromaster used to achieve zero tolerance grinding
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Large Optical Comparator Used in Making Progressive Dies

Large Optical Comparator Used in Making Progressive Dies
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